Protect life by helping moms and dads find compassionate alternatives to abortion!

Abortion news is everywhere. Abortion giants are thinking of ways to make abortion as accessible as possible, even in states where it is being outlawed. More than half of all abortions today are estimated to be done by the pill.  

Women are now more isolated than ever, making hasty and desperate decisions about how to deal with their unplanned pregnancies… and then carrying out abortions in their own bathrooms. You and I know abortion has never been between “a woman and her doctor.” When surgical abortions take place, it’s between a woman and the multi-billion dollar abortion industry. But now, with the emergence of abortion pills by mail, abortion is often between “a woman and an anonymous phone operator.” 

That’s why women and men at risk for abortion are in more danger than ever before and need compassion and Christ-centered support more than ever before. 

You ensure that our network of 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers are trained and equipped to navigate the latest challenges from abortion giants and abortion laws in their state... so that desperate women and men have the life-affirming help they need to choose life for their unborn children.

Will you be one of the 20 new monthly donors we need to train and equip our affiliated pregnancy centers? 

Last year, the monthly gifts of pro-life people like you saved more than 55,000 babies by supporting Care Net's four strategic responses to abortion every day.

  • Care Net's Pregnancy Decision Line. Care Net's national call center providing real-time pregnancy decision coaching to parents in the middle of a life or death decision for their unborn babies.
  • Our network of 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers. Pregnancy centers are on the front lines empowering women and men to choose life and equipping them to make their choice a lasting one.
  • Our church partners. Care Net equips churches to train their congregations to offer compassion, hope, and help to anyone considering abortion with a tailored curriculum for them.
  • Our cutting edge resources and free online courses that have trained more than 70,000 pro-life people like you to better intercede for the lives at risk.  

For as little as $1 a day, you will enable four moms or dads to call our hotline each month. And right now your gift will be doubled thanks to a $30,000 matching challenge. A friend of Care Net has pledge to match every first new or renewing monthly gift dollar-for-dollar up to $30,000.

You will also make sure that our 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers are equipped to serve their communities. That churches can be places of hope and healing for those facing unplanned pregnancies. Your gift will make it possible for people to enroll in our free online courses and learn how to make abortion unthinkable.

To make sure our affiliated pregnancy centers and national hotline have the training and resources they need, we need to find 20 new monthly donors today. Can you help us meet the $30,000 matching challenge with your first monthly gift before our April 30 gift? 

    You can be a hero for as little as $1 a day when you make a compassionate and crucial commitment to rescue unborn babies' lives 365 days a year. 

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