This Christmas, you can save TWICE as many babies from abortion!

This Christmas,  you can save TWICE as many babies from abortion!

Thanks to a matching challenge. To save babies every day, thousands of pro-life people like you made the choice last year to support Care Net's four strategic responses to abortion through their monthly gift.  

  • Care Net's Pregnancy Decision Line. Care Net's national hotline that provides real-time pregnancy decision coaching to parents in the middle of a life or death decision for their unborn babies.
  • Our network of 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers. Pregnancy centers are on the front lines, empowering women and men to choose life and equipping them to make their choice a lasting and positive one.
  • Our life-affirming church partners. Care Net equips churches to train their congregations to offer compassion, hope, and help to anyone considering abortion with a tailored curriculum for them.
  • Our cutting edge resources and free online courses. We've trained more than 80,000 pro-life people like you to better intercede for the unborn babies and their parents at risk.  

As we celebrate this success, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation.

The Supreme Court could be poised to overturn Roe. v. Wade. This incredible legal victory would increase the number of parents searching for help with their unplanned pregnancies. Without abortion, they will be desperate for pro-life support. 

We must act it we want our communities to be ready for the end of Roe

By giving as little as $1 day, you will ensure that there‚Äôs always a coach ready to take the call from a parent considering abortion. That our 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers are equipped to serve their communities. That churches can become places of hope and healing for those facing unplanned pregnancies. Your daily gift will make it possible for people to enroll in our free online courses and learn how to make abortion unthinkable. 

Monthly partners helped to save the lives of more than 886,000 unborn children since 2008 and it all started with their heroic decision to give $1 a day.

When you become a monthly donor today, you will:

  • Receive a bi-monthly newsletter with stories of the babies you are saving 365 days a year.
  • Get urgent prayer requests direct from our call center for moms and dads who are considering abortion. 
  • Get an exclusive monthly devotional mailed to you that will encourage you in your faith and strengthen your prayer life. 

Pro-life people like you were so moved by this need that they promised to double your first monthly gift, which means you will save TWICE as many lives from abortion. But you can only save these additional lives if you begin your monthly support today.

After making your gift, your monthly donation will be processed the same day each month. You can easily change your gift or cancel at any time.

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