You can help save a baby from abortion during this pandemic!

You can help save a baby from abortion during this pandemic!

Through Care Net's real-time hotline that empowers women and men to choose life, you can reach desperate parents with the transformational power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the nick of time and save their babies from abortion. 

When a young woman learns she’s unexpectedly pregnant, she searches urgently for help. She’s likely to go online. There, she finds the number for our national hotline that provides real-time support. She may still be breathless with panic when she reaches our pregnancy decision coach. And thanks to the seemingly unlimited resources of pro-choice organizations like Planned Parenthood, all she can think of is . . . abortion.

But then, something changes. Thanks to the support of caring friends like you, that coach is fully trained, fully prepared to listen, to gently ask questions, and carefully guide the conversation . . . to help that mom think of her baby as a living person, and consider an alternative to abortion: giving her baby the gift of life.

This is what you make possible with your gift. Since 2008, pro-life people like you have saved more than 886,000 babies from abortion and shared the Gospel with more than one million parents. 

As we celebrate this success, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation.

Never in Care Net's history have our network of affiliated pregnancy centers or national hotline had to serve clients in the midst of a pandemic like COVID-19.

As communities struggle with the ongoing impact of Coronavirus and widespread economic shutdowns, Planned Parenthood continues to expand its life-ending efforts, and more than 2,000 babies are at risk every single day.

Through Care Net, you can reach their parents with the life-saving, life-changing, and future-securing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In addition to ensuring that our national hotline can empower parents to choose life, you will save these precious babies by:

  • Providing our affiliated pregnancy centers with the most relevant and up-to-date resources and training. Pregnancy centers are on the front lines empowering women and men to choose life. You help ensure that they have the tools they need to effectively minister to expectant parents during this pandemic.  
  • Bringing more churches into vibrant Pro Abundant Life ministry. Your gift helps train churches to provide the Christ-centered support that empowers women and men to choose life and work alongside pregnancy centers to accomplish this vital mission.   
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