You can save babies from abortion with your gift today!

You can save babies from abortion with your gift today!

When a young woman learns she’s unexpectedly pregnant, she searches urgently for help. She’s likely to go online. There, she finds the number for our national pro-life hotline that provides real-time support.

She may still be breathless with panic when she reaches our pregnancy decision coach. And thanks to the seemingly unlimited resources of pro-choice organizations like Planned Parenthood, all she can think of is . . . abortion. Even the federal government has announced it will fund a national hotline to give women information about how they can get abortions.

But when they reach our hotline, something changes. Thanks to the support of caring friends like you, that coach is fully trained, fully prepared to listen, to ask questions, and carefully guide the conversation.

This is why your contribution is critical in furthering Care Net’s reach through our national hotline, 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers, and network of partner churches. 

With the current state of the economy, the need for your help is greater than ever. Pro-choice giants continue to push the abortion agenda on parents facing unexpected or unexpectedly complicated pregnancies. The newly created taxpayer-funded abortion hotline, staffed by organizations like Planned Parenthood, is a direct competitor to our national hotline. Make no mistake, the workers on the abortion hotline will not share our pro ABUNDANT life message with moms and dads facing pregnancy decisions.   

For nearly 50 years, Care Net pregnancy centers have served millions of women and men around the nation. Through Care Net's real-time hotline that empowers women and men to choose life, you can reach desperate parents with the transformational power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the nick of time and save their babies from abortion.

At a time when so many women and men are searching for an alternative to the abortion clinic, we must act now. By donating today, you will ensure that:

  • there’s always a coach ready to take the call from a parent considering abortion
  • our 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers are equipped to serve their communities
  • churches can become places of hope and healing for those facing unplanned pregnancies
  • people can enroll in our free online courses to learn how to make abortion unthinkable

Since 2008, pro-life people like you have saved more than 1 million babies from abortion and shared the Gospel with more than two million parents.

And last year alone, through Care Net's compassionate network, a baby was saved from abortion every nine minutes.

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