Why you should donate to Care Net

Why you should donate to Care Net

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade.

While this is an amazing legal victory to be celebrated, we have much work to do to care for women and men still at risk for abortion in our nation.

Overturning Roe v. Wade has not made unexpected — or unexpectedly complicated — pregnancies go away. Each time new abortion restrictions go into effect, the demand for Care Net's life-saving services increases. We see more desperate moms and dads, scared by what they hear in the news about these rulings and desperate to know what their options are as they stare down unplanned pregnancy. We know this because, for more than 45 years, Care Net pregnancy centers have served millions of clients around the nation. 

Moms and dads will desperately need your support in the coming months. If you intervene, you can turn their situations around with the hope and grace of Christ. Not just saving their babies from abortion, but stopping the cycle of choices and circumstances that led to their unplanned pregnancies in the first place.

We must make sure that local pregnancy centers, church partners, and our national hotline are ready for the countless parents who are desperate for help now that abortion is harder to access.

If we don't increase our efforts, then these parents will go further to find abortion and babies will lose their lives.

That's why Care Net is stepping out in faith and looking for donors to help us with three critical initiatives for the end of Roe.

One: Expand our national hotline. Our call center providing real-time pregnancy decision coaching to parents in the middle of a life or death decision for their unborn babies. This expansion will enable us to serve more callers, present the Gospel to more parents, and save more babies from abortion.

Two: Equip our affiliated pregnancy centers for the influx of new clients. Pregnancy centers are on the front lines empowering women and men to choose life and equipping them to make their choice a lasting one. These pregnancy centers require new training, client resources, and support for their more than 30,000 staff and volunteers.

Three: Deepen our church partnerships and onboard more local churches in communities where abortion has a foothold. By building bridges between these churches and local pregnancy centers, we can ensure that clients are discipled and connected to vibrant communities of faith. 

Can you be one of the pro-life people who step up and ensure that we are ready for a post-Roe America?

Use the secure form below to make your gift and ensure that as abortion becomes illegal, it becomes unthinkable too.     

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